dr. L.C.Y. Bégon-Lours (Laura)


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Polyvalent, autonomous and dynamic, I enjoy being involved in confronting conceptual and technological challenges within environments of scientific excellence.
At the Mesa + Nanolab of the University of Twente, I currently carry atomic-scale research on novel piezoelectric materials, with potential outputs in MEMS and SAW devices, but also in energy harvesting.
During the last research projects I led at the Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, I obtained key experimental results:
- growth of high-quality ultra-thin oxides heterostructures,
- nanoscale manipulation of ferroelectric and superconducting properties,
and dealt with fascinating properties of the condensed matter:
- Josephson effect in high-Tc superconductor weak-links,
- electroresistance in ferroelectric tunnel structures,
- ferroelectric field-effects.

You can : Download my CV (PDF) and Visit my blog !



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Universiteit Twente
Faculteit Technische Natuurwetenschappen
Carré  C3217
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