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Construction Industry


Racz, P., van Buiten, M., & Doree, A. (2017). Naturalistic decision-making perspective on uncertainty reduction by civil engineers about the location of underground utilities. In J. Gore, & P. Ward (Eds.), Naturalistic Decision Making and Uncertainty: Proceedings of the 13th Bi-Annual International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (pp. 174-181). Bath, UK: University of Bath.
Plantinga, H. E. C., Voordijk, J. T., & Doree, A. (2017). Making tacit knowledge accessible for procurement instrument development. Paper presented at 26th Annual IPSERA Conference 2017, Budapest/Balatonfured, Hungary.
Plantinga, H., Voordijk, H., & Dorée, A. G. (2017). Reconstructing the rationale behind a public client's first application of PPI. In ARCOM Thirty-Third Annual Conference 2017: September 4-6, Cambridge: Working Papers (pp. 53-62). ARCOM.
Arbeider, C. G., Miller, S. R., Doree, A., & Oosterveld, M. (2017). Planning the asphalt construction process: Towards more consistent paving and compaction operations. Paper presented at 17th AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference Exhibition 2017, Melbourne, Australia.
olde Scholtenhuis, L. L., & Doree, A. G. (2017). Forget the rules and innovate: contesting a myopic view on the impact of rules on innovation. In ARCOM Thirty-Third Annual Conference 2017: September 4-6, Cambridge: Working Papers (pp. 329-338). ARCOM.
Racz, P., Syfuss, L., Schultz, C., van Buiten, M., olde Scholtenhuis, L. L., Vahdatikhaki, F., & Doree, A. G. (2017). Decision Support for Test Trench Location Selection with 3D Semantic Subsurface Utility Models. In K-Y. Lin, N. El-Gohary, & P. Tang (Eds.), Computing in Civil Engineering 2017: Smart Safety, Sustainability, and Resilience (Vol. 2017, pp. 68-75). Seattle, Washington. DOI: 10.1061/9780784480847
Plantinga, H., & Dorée, A. (2016). Procurement strategy formation: (re-)designing rail infrastructure project alliances. International journal of managing projects in business, 9(1), 53-73. DOI: 10.1108/IJMPB-09-2015-0096

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