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Construction Industry


Racz, P., van Buiten, M., & Doree, A. (2017). Naturalistic decision-making perspective on uncertainty reduction by civil engineers about the location of underground utilities. In J. Gore, & P. Ward (Eds.), Naturalistic Decision Making and Uncertainty: Proceedings of the 13th Bi-Annual International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (pp. 174-181). Bath, UK: University of Bath.
olde Scholtenhuis, L. L., & Doree, A. G. (2017). Forget the rules and innovate: contesting a myopic view on the impact of rules on innovation. In ARCOM Thirty-Third Annual Conference 2017: September 4-6, Cambridge: Working Papers (pp. 329-338). ARCOM.
Plantinga, H., Voordijk, H., & Dorée, A. G. (2017). Reconstructing the rationale behind a public client's first application of PPI. In ARCOM Thirty-Third Annual Conference 2017: September 4-6, Cambridge: Working Papers (pp. 53-62). ARCOM.
Plantinga, H. E. C., Voordijk, J. T., & Doree, A. (2017). Making tacit knowledge accessible for procurement instrument development. Paper presented at 26th Annual IPSERA Conference 2017, Budapest/Balatonfured, Hungary.
Arbeider, C. G., Miller, S. R., Doree, A., & Oosterveld, M. (2017). Planning the asphalt construction process: Towards more consistent paving and compaction operations. Paper presented at 17th AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference Exhibition 2017, Melbourne, Australia.
Racz, P., Syfuss, L., Schultz, C., van Buiten, M., olde Scholtenhuis, L. L., Vahdatikhaki, F., & Doree, A. G. (2017). Decision Support for Test Trench Location Selection with 3D Semantic Subsurface Utility Models. In K-Y. Lin, N. El-Gohary, & P. Tang (Eds.), Computing in Civil Engineering 2017: Smart Safety, Sustainability, and Resilience (Vol. 2017, pp. 68-75). Seattle, Washington. DOI: 10.1061/9780784480847
Plantinga, H., & Dorée, A. (2016). Procurement strategy formation: (re-)designing rail infrastructure project alliances. International journal of managing projects in business, 9(1), 53-73. DOI: 10.1108/IJMPB-09-2015-0096
Bijleveld, F., Miller, S. R., & Doree, A. G. (2016). Professionalisering asfaltuitvoeringsproces - synthetiseren informatietechnologie, ervaringskennis en laboratoriumprocedures. In CROW Infradagen 2016, 22-23 juni 2016, Papendal, Arnhem (pp. 1-11). Ede, the Netherlands: C.R.O.W..

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