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I am an associate professor in the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering. In 2002, I received the MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Czestochowa University of Technology in Poland. The MSc research (“Numerical simulation of stresses and deformations occurring in stabilizers during the process of bone stretching”) was performed at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland within the EU Socrates-Erasmus program. After graduation, I worked in the industry (TRW Automotive Poland) and at the Czestochowa University of Technology. At the end of 2004, I started a PhD research at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) within the FP6 Marie Curie Research and Training Networks project FLUISTCOM. In 2006, I carried out a three-month research at the German Aerospace Centre. In 2008, I became an assistant professor in the Group of Thermal Engineering; and I received my PhD degree in 2010. The topic of PhD thesis was “Vibro-acoustical instabilities induced by combustion dynamics in gas turbine combustors”.


Gas Turbines
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Vibrations (Mechanical)
Hot Temperature


I am involved in the research on the intensification of thermal processes via development of energy efficient novel power systems, engines, reactors and processes. The main focus is placed on multicomponent and multiphase flows, liquid atomization, droplets evaporation and drying, combustion, supercritical fluids, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. Renewable processes and transition to the future technologies are of prime interest. 


Pozarlik, A. K., Bouma, W., Ratering, M., & Brem, G. (2017). Flow blurring atomization for combustion of viscous (bio)fuels. Paper presented at Combura Symposium 2017, Soesterberg, Netherlands.
Pozarlik, A. K., Bijl, A., van Alst, N., Pander, R., Bramer, E. A., & Brem, G. (2016). Combustion of pyrolysis oil blends with diesel fuel in a micro gas turbine. -. Poster session presented at 24th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, EUBCE 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Pozarlik, A. K., Bijl, A., van Alst, N., Bramer, E. A., & Brem, G. (2015). Pyrolysis oil utilization in 50KWE gas turbine. In Proceedings of the 18th IRFR Members' conference (usb) (pp. -). Freising, Germany.
Sallevelt, J. L. H. P., Pozarlik, A. K., Beran, M., Axelsson, L., & Brem, G. (2014). Bioethanol combustion in an industrial gas turbine combustor: simulations and experiments. Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power, 136(7), -. [071501]. DOI: 10.1115/1.4026529

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I am teaching in the bachelor and master phase of the Mechanical Engineering and in the master phase of the Sustainable Energy Technology 

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I am involved in various national and international projects in the fields of: combustion, drying, atomization, evaporation, renewable fuels, pyrolysis oil, biogas production, fluid-structure interaction, etc.

Below projects from the last 5 years:

Current Projects

Finished Projects

  • BE2O

    Pyrolysis oil combustion in gas turbine

  • Groen Gas

  • Vortex Chamber I

  • HiTAC

  • NeMo

    Numerical investigation of multicomponent fuel combustion

  • Biomass gasification

  • Optimized SNG

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1) My interview for Gas to Power Journal titled: Thermo-acoustic instability modelling boost turbine lifetimes, April 14, 2014, you can find here:


2) Interview of my PhD student Joost Sallevelt titled: Liquid biofuels could power future gas turbines, May 27, 2014, in the same journal you can find here:




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