dr. A.S. Puzio (Anna)


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I am a philosopher, theologian and ethicist. My research areas include anthropology, anthropology and ethics of technology and environmental ethics. After working and researching in M√ľnster, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna, I am now working at the University of Twente as a researcher in the ESDiT Research Programme (Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies).  

Research Focuses:

  •  Anthropology and Ethics of Technology, Philosophy of the Body 
    • Humanoid Robots
    • Sexual and Reproductive Technologies
    • Diversity in AI, Queer AI
    • Everyday Technologies (e.g., Wearables)
  •  Transhumanism and Enhancement
  • Religion/Theology and AI, Robottheology
  •  Environmental Ethics
  • Critical Posthumanism, New Materialism, Relational Ontologies
  •  Anthropology (in conversation with the natural sciences), Bioethics and Medical  Ethics
  • Social Ethics, Migration Ethics, Intercultural Ethics
  • Changing Identities in a Plural, Postmodern Society, Sexual Ethics
  • Philosophy and Ethics in Literature and Film (e.g., Science Fiction)

Website: www.anna-puzio.com



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