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Annemieke Witteveen is Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS) group and the Personalized eHealth Technology (PeHT) research program. Her research line focusses on building dynamic patient-level models for personalized prediction, monitoring and optimization to support clinical decision making in oncology. See also her interview as a featured scientist.

She studied Technical Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Twente. After graduation, Annemieke started working as a PhD at the department of Health Technology and Services Research (HTSR) at the University of Twente. Here she worked on individualizing the breast cancer follow-up based on individual time-dependent risk profiles, resulting in a.o. the INFLUENCE nomogram. Her thesis received the prize for best oncology thesis in the Netherlands of 2018/2019.

As PI, Annemieke coordinates several large projects on self-management and decision support for oncology, such as the KWF PARTNR project for optimal cancer-related fatigue treatment and the €6.32M 4TU research program RECENTRE on lifestyle and risk-based monitoring. In 2020 she was awarded a NWO/ZonMW veni grant for researching dynamic models to predict, monitor and make recommendations for the late effects after breast cancer. She was selected as Young Academy member of the University of Twente in 2022. Additionally, Annemieke was awarded with the Royal Academy of Science (KNAW) Early Career Award for innovative and original research (2022) and the Henk Stassen Award for connecting medical and technical sciences (2023). Annemieke is married and has three kids.



2022            Visiting researcher, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Harvard University, Boston, USA)

2022            Visiting researcher, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NY, USA)

2021-present Assistant Professor, Biomedical Signals and Systems, Personalized eHealth Technology (PeHT) research program (University of Twente)

2019-present Coordinator Health and Wellbeing track, Digital Society reseach program (University of Twente/VSNU)

2019-2021    Postdoctoral researcher, Biomedical Signals and Systems group, Personalized eHealth Technology (PeHT) research program (University of Twente)

2015             Visiting researcher, Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN)

2013-2018    PhD student, Health Technology and Services Research (University of Twente)



2023  -  Henk Stassen Award for bringing medical and technical science together (€1k, Biomedical Engineering conference)

2022 Early Career Award  (€15k, Royal Academy of Science [KNAW])

2022 4TU program RECENTRE: Risk-based lifEstyle Change: daily-lifE moNiToring and REcommendations (€6.32M, 4TU) – Project Leader

2022 - Selected as member of the Young Academy (YA@UT)

2021  -  Rene Vogels Foundation Travel Grant, Harvard (USA) (€5k, Dutch Society for Oncology, NVvO)

2021 – Project sponsoring ‘Better informed, better care: Optimizing cancer information based on individual patient preferences’ (€324k, Pfizer/Roche/UT) – Project Leader

2020 Veni Grant ‘Towards a higher quality of life after cancer: dynamic prediction, monitoring and recommendations for late effects after breast cancer’ (€250k, Dutch Research Council [NOW]/ Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development [ZonMW]) – Project Leader

2019 Best Thesis in Oncology Prize of the Netherlands and Belgium in 2018/2019 (Dutch and Flemish organizations for medical oncology, NVMO/BSMO)

2019  -  Technology for Oncology Grant (€735k, Dutch Research Council [NWO] and Dutch Cancer Society [KWF]) – Project Leader

2019  -  Research Voucher (€50k, ZiekenhuisGroep Twente hospitals) – Project Leader

2016  -  Tech4People Travel Grant, Sorbonne University (France) (€1k, University of Twente)

2015  -  Rene Vogels Foundation Travel Grant, Mayo Clinic (USA) (€4k, Dutch Society for Oncology, NVvO)



Member of professional societies:
· Vereniging voor Epidemiologie (VvE)
· International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)·
· Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM)



Annemieke was involved in the bachelor courses Klinische Epidemiologie
(Gezondheidswetenschappen) and Epidemiologie, Statistiek en MTA (Technische
Geneeskunde), and the master course Clinical Efficacy and MTA (Health Sciences). Also,
Annemieke supervised several master students with their thesis. In 2016 and 2017 she was organizer and course leader of the University of Twente CuriousU summer school track The Future of Health Technology. In 2019 she started another course on Personalized eHealth Technology. She is developing a new master course on eHealth for the Technical Medicine curriculum.




Medicine & Life Sciences
Breast Neoplasms
Partially Observable Markov Decision Process


Eijkelboom, A., de Munck, L., de Vries, M., Francken, A. B., Hendriks, M. P., Strobbe, L. J. A. , Witteveen, A. , van Maaren, M. C. , & Siesling, S. (2023). Routine and interval detection of locoregional breast cancer recurrences and risk of subsequent distant metastasis. Breast cancer research and treatment, 197(1), 123–135. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10549-022-06757-3
Wijlens, K. A. E. , Beenhakker, L. , Witteveen, A. , Siesling, S. , Vollenbroek-Hutten, M. M. R. , & Bode, C. (2022). Design of a toolkit for holistic monitoring of cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients. 11th Annual Conference of the Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health, ARPH 2022, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.
Zegers, C. M. L. , Witteveen, A., Schulte, M. H. J., Henrich, J. F., Vermeij, A., Klever, B., & Dekker, A. (2021). Mind your data: Privacy and legal matters in eHealth. JMIR Formative Research, 5(3), Article e17456. https://doi.org/10.2196/17456
Witteveen, A. (2018). INFLUENCE: individualized follow-up for breast cancer. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036546409

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