dr. A. Leszkiewicz (Agata)

Assistant Professor Marketing Analytics


Conjoint Analysis
Nonlinear Constraints
Optimal Experimental Design
Business & Economics
Conjoint Analysis
Consideration Sets
Customer Acquisition
Digital Marketing
Travel Agents


Leszkiewicz, A. (2023). Investigating the adoption of neuroscience technology among marketing professionals: A survey on the intention to use neuromarketing tools. In Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy (Vol. 52). (Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy).
Leszkiewicz, A. , Bucur, D., Grimme, C., Michalski, R., Clever, L., Pohl, J. , Rook, J., Bossek, J., Preuss, M., Squillero, G., Quer, S., Calabrese, A., Iacca, G. , Kizgin, D. H. , & Trautmann, H. (2022). Social Influence Analysis (SIA) in Online Social Networks. Paper presented at 4th Multidisciplinary International Symposium, MISDOOM 2022 , Boise, Idaho, United States.
Leszkiewicz, A., Hormann, T. M., & Krafft, M. (2022). Smart Business and the Social Value of AI. In T. Bondarouk, & M. R. Olivas-Lujan (Eds.), Smart Business and Better Management (pp. 19-34). (Advanced Series in Management; Vol. 28). Emerald. https://doi.org/10.1108/S1877-636120220000028004
Gupta, S. , Leszkiewicz, A., Kumar, V., Bijmolt, T., & Potapov, D. (2020). Digital Analytics: Modeling for Insights and New Methods. Journal of interactive marketing, 51, 26-43. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.intmar.2020.04.003
Leszkiewicz, A. (2019). Digital analytics, modelling for insights and new methods. Paper presented at Big Data, Technology-Driven CRM & Artificial Intelligence , Lisbon, Portugal.

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