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Filters and plant trait strategies: What steers vegetation dynamics in floodplains of regulated lowland rivers?. University of Twente. Harezlak, V. nourishments in the River Waal to mitigate bed degradation, 106-107. de Lange, B. M., Welsch, N., Kitsikoudis, V., Augustijn, D. C. M., van Vuren, S., Velner, R. G. J. & Chavarrías, V.Reconstruction of the 1374 Rhine river flood event around Cologne region using 1D-2D coupled hydraulic modelling approachJournal of hydrology, 617, Article 129039. Ngo, H., Bomers, A., Augustijn, D. C. M., Ranasinghe, R., Filatova, T., van der Meulen, B., Herget, J. & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. evolution of salt marshes under natural conditions and the influence of artificial structures on marsh resilience. Dzimballa, S., Kitsikoudis, V., Borsje, B. W. & Augustijn, D. C. M. High-Resolution Drone-Derived DEMs and Orthomosaics to Analyse Temporal Dynamics of Salt Marshes and Mudflats in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Dzimballa, S., Kitsikoudis, V., Folmer, E., Borsje, B. W. & Augustijn, D. C. M. the Evolution of Salt Marshes: Investigating the Parametrization of Biogeomorphological Processes across Time Scales with Numerical Modelling. Dzimballa, S., Willemsen, P. W. J. M., Kitsikoudis, V., Borsje, B. W. & Augustijn, D. C. M.



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