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Design of a new process route for closed die forging and subsequent energy-neutral heat treatment. University of Twente. Demirkol, Y.Initiation and growth of edge cracks after shear cutting of dual-phase steelInternational journal of advanced manufacturing technology, 127(5-6), 2327-2341. Khalilabad, M. M., Perdahcıoğlu, S., Atzema, E. & Boogaard, T. v. d. of yield point phenomenon in bake-hardening grade steelIn Material Forming - The 26th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming – ESAFORM 2023 (pp. 1511-1520). Association of American Publishers. Deshmane, N. S., Perdahcioglu, S. E. & van den Boogaard, T. In-Plane Bending Test to Characterize Edge Ductility in High-Strength SteelsJournal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 32, 1892-1904. Khalilabad, M. M., Perdahcıoğlu, E. S., Atzema, E. H. & van den Boogaard, A. H. of 2D and 3D crystal plasticity models subjected to plane strain conditionMechanics Research Communications, 128, Article 104047. Mirhosseini, S., Perdahcıoğlu, E. S., Atzema, E. H. & van den Boogaard, A. H. of texture-induced plastic anisotropy in AA6014-T4 aluminium sheets utilising two different crystal plasticity-based constitutive models. IOP Science. Wessel, A., Perdahcioglu, E., Butz, A., van den Boogaard, T. & Volk, W.



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