dr. F. Schuberth (Florian)

Universitair docent


Business & Economics
Information Systems Research
Monte Carlo Simulation
Partial Least Squares
Structural Equation Modeling
Partial Least Squares
Structural Equation Modeling
Social Sciences
Structural Model


Schuberth, F., Hubona, G., Roemer, E., Zaza, S., Schamberger, T. S., Chuah, F., Cepeda-Carrión, G. , & Henseler, J. (Accepted/In press). The choice of structural equation modeling technique matters: A comment on Dash and Paul (2021). Technological forecasting and social change.
Schuberth, F., Schamberger, T. S., Rönkkö, M., Liu, Y. , & Henseler, J. (Accepted/In press). Premature Conclusions about the Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Structural Equation Modeling Research: A Commentary on Yuan and Fang (2023). British journal of mathematical and statistical psychology.
Yu, X. , Schuberth, F. , & Henseler, J. (Accepted/In press). Specifying composites in growth curve analysis. Abstract from Advanced Techniques for Longitudinal Data Analysis in Social Science, ATLASS 2023 , Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Schamberger, T. S. , Schuberth, F. , & Henseler, J. (2023). Confirmatory composite analysis in human development research. International journal of behavioral development, 47(1), 89-100. https://doi.org/10.1177/01650254221117506
Scholz, T. B. (2022). Shopping companions in retail environments: A view from different perspectives. [PhD Thesis - Research external, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553872
Schamberger, T. S. (2022). Methodological Advances in Composite-based Structural Equation Modeling. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg]. University of Twente/Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553759
Schamberger, T. S., Cantaluppi, G. , & Schuberth, F. (Accepted/In press). Revisiting and Extending PLS for Ordinal Measurement and Prediction. In H. Latan, & R. Noonan (Eds.), Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: Basic Concepts, Methodological Issues and Applications (2nd ed.)
Yu, X., Fassott, G. , Schuberth, F. , & Henseler, J. (2022). A new approach for modeling aggregate constructs. Abstract from Structural Equation Modeling, Tilburg, Netherlands.

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