dr.ir. G.C. Vreman - de Olde (Cornelise)

Onderwijskundig adviseur

Over mij

Cornelise Vreman – de Olde studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente. Because of her interest in learning and teaching, she got her degree as physics teacher. After working a couple of years as teacher, she started a PhD project on ‘Learning by designing assignments’. Since November 2006, after completing her Phd, she has been working for the Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching. She is seconded to the faculty of Science & Technology where she is involved in coaching lecturers in the UTQ, teaching (e.g., the course ‘Preparation Bachelor Assignment’ for Advanced Technology and for Chemical Engineering; Introduction to Academic Skills and several skills related workshops), in giving educational advice, mentoring students and coordinating module 11 Chemical Engineering. She is external member of the board of Examiners for ME-SET, Chemical Engineering and for Nanotechnology. Within the Centre of Engineering Education, she is involved in the project ‘Exchange: Dissemination of and cultural change through honors education’.



Universiteit Twente
Centre for Educational Support
Horst - Toren (gebouwnr. 20), kamer HORSTTOREN 6 13
De Horst 2
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Universiteit Twente
Centre for Educational Support
Horst - Toren  HORSTTOREN 6 13
Postbus 217
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