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Ghanian, M., Ghoochani, O. M., Mohammadzadeh, L., Cotton, M. , Ozerol, G., & Tiefenbacher, J. P. (2023). Interactions Between Changing Climates and Land Uses: The Case of Urmia Lake, Iran. In M. Basu, & R. DasGupta (Eds.), Indigenous and Local Water Knowledge, Values and Practices (pp. 139-159). Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-19-9406-7_9
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Bressers, H. T. A. , & Özerol, G. (2022). Coping with extreme events in midsize cities: Enabling practitioners to assess the supportiveness of their governance context. Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Climate Change & Water 2022, Tours, France.
Sayers, P., Gersonius, B. , Özerol, G., Nugraha, E., & Schipper, C. A. (2022). A Framework for Cloud to Coast Adaptation: Maturity and Experiences from across the North Sea. Land, 11(6), Article 950. https://doi.org/10.3390/land11060950
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Feenstra, M. H. (2021). Gender just energy policy: engendering the energy transition in Europe. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036551960
Feenstra, M. , & Özerol, G. (2021). Energy justice as a search light for gender-energy nexus: Towards a conceptual framework. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 138, Article 110668. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2020.110668
Schillinger, J. , Özerol, G., Güven-Griemert, S. , & Heldeweg, M. (2020). Water in war: Understanding the impacts of armed conflict on water resources and their management. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 7(6), Article e1480. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1002/wat2.1480
Özerol, G. (2019). National and local actors of drought governance in Europe: A comparative review of six cases from North-West Europe. In I. La Jeunesse, & C. Larrue (Eds.), Facing Hydrometeorological Extreme Events: A Governance Issue (pp. 171-188). Wiley. https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119383567.ch12

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