dr. H.J.M. Ruel (Huub)

Project leader SUTQ - Business diplomacy, International Business & Corporate ethics Researcher / Scholar


Business & Economics
Electronic Human Resource Management
Exploratory Study
Governmental Organization
Social Sciences
Multinational Corporation


Ruel, H., & Njoku, E. (2020). AI redefining the hospitality industry. Journal of Tourism Futures, 7(1), 53-66. https://doi.org/10.1108/JTF-03-2020-0032
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Bondarouk, T. , Ruel, H. J. M., & Ter Harmsel, B. (2018). 'Video killed the F2F-Interview star’: A mixed-method study into the effect of pre-recorded video interviews as a selection tool. In P. N. Melo, & C. Machado (Eds.), Management and Technological Challenges in the Digital Age (1 ed., pp. 53-87). (Manufacturing design and technology series). CRC Press.
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Bondarouk, T. , Ruel, H., & Parry, E. (2017). Electronic HRM in the Smart Era. (The changing context of managing people). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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