I.E.A.M. Fadel (Islam)


Image Analysis
Surface Wave
Ambient Noise
Seismic Tomography
Crustal Thickness


Recente Artikelen
Fadel, I. E. A. M., Groenhuis, V., Veltman, J., Siepel, F. J., & Stramigioli, S. (2017). Controlling the Stormram 2: An MRI-compatible Robotic System for Breast Biopsy. Paper presented at ICRA 2017 - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Real-world Solutions, Singapore, .
Fadel, I. E. A. M., Paulssen, H., & van der Meijde, M. (2015). Surface wave analysis of Botswana using ambient noise and two-station methods. In The 3rd international summer school on Earthquake Science 2015, 4-8 September 2015, Yamanashi, Japan (pp. 1-1)
Fadel, I. E. A. M., Paulssen, H., & van der Meijde, M. (2015). Surface wave tomography of Botswana using two - station and ambient noise analysis. In AGU Fall Meeting 2015, 14-18 December 2015, San Fransisco, United States of America (pp. 1-2). San Francisco: American Geophysical Union (AGU).
Fadel, I. E. A. M., Kerle, N., & van der Meijde, M. (2014). 3D object-oriented image analysis with applications in 3D geophysical modeling. South-Eastern European journal of earth observation and geomatics, 3(2S), 205-208.

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