dr. I. Stipanovic (Irina)

Universitair docent


Analytic Hierarchy Process
Decision Making
Reinforced Concrete
Concrete Structure
Climate Change
Climate Change


Allah Bukhsh, Z., Stipanovic, I., Klanker, G., Hoj, N., Imam, B., & Xenidis, Y. (2017). Multi-criteria decision making: AHP method applied for network bridge prioritization. In A. Mandić Ivanković (Ed.), The Value of Structural Health Monitoring for the Reliable Bridge Management : proceedings of the Joint COST TU1402 - COST TU1406 - IABSE WC1 Workshop, Zagreb 2nd - 3rd March 2017 (pp. 3.2-1-3.2-9). Zagreb: University of Zagreb. DOI: 10.5592/CO/BSHM2017.3.2
Viana Da Rocha, T. C., Stipanovic, I., & Hartmann, A. (2017). A risk-based model for maintenance decision support of civil structures using RAMS. In J. Bakker (Ed.), Life-Cycle of Engineering Systems: Emphasis on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure: 5th International Symposium on Life-Cycle Engineering, IALCCE 2016 (pp. 1758-1765). CRC Press/Balkema.
Stipanovic, I., & Klanker, G. (2016). Performance goals for roadway bridges. In Maintenance, Monitoring, Safety, Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Bridge Networks - Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management, IABMAS 2016 (pp. 960-964). CRC Press/Balkema.
Allah Bukhsh, Z., Hartmann, T., & Stipanovic, I. (2016). From Analysis of Information Needs towards an Information Model of Railway Infrastructure. 291-300. Paper presented at 23rd International Workshop of the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering, EG-ICE 2016, Krakow, Poland.
Kwiatkowski, K., Stipanovic, I., Hartmann, A., & Ter Maat, H. (2016). Potential Impact of Climate Change on Porous Asphalt with a Focus on Winter Damage. In Materials and Infrastructures 2 (Vol. 5B, pp. 159-176). Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781119318613.ch12
Kovacevic, M. S., Gavin, K., Stipanovic, I., & Bacic, M. (2016). A new methodology for assessment of railway infrastructure condition. Transportation research procedia, 14, 1930-1939. DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2016.05.160
Mahmoudi, F., Stipanovic, I., & Doree, A. G. (2016). Develop a safer ground piercing method/process for fiber to the home installation. In CROW Infradagen 2016, 22-23 juni 2016, Papendal, Arnhem (pp. 1-10). Ede, the Netherlands: C.R.O.W..
Stipanovic, I., Gavin, K., & Kovacevic, M. S. (2016). Developing decision support tools for rail infrastructure managers. In S. Lakusic (Ed.), Cetra 2016, 4th international conference on road and rail infrastructure, 23-25 May 2016, Sibenik, Croatia (pp. 627-633). Zagreb, Croatia: University of Zagreb.
Stipanovic, I., Tan, X., & Gavin, K. (2014). European existing railway tracks: overview of typical problems and challenges. In S. Lakusic (Ed.), Cetra 2014, 3rd International conference on road and rail infrastructure, 28-30 April 2014, Split, Croatia (pp. 113-118). Zagreb, Croatia: University of Zagreb.

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