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Asymmetric polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes: Structural characterisation via transport phenomenaJournal of membrane science, 681, Article 121718. Junker, M. A., te Brinke, E., Vall Compte, C. M., Lammertink, R. G. H., de Grooth, J. & de Vos, W. M. of an Intermediate Polyelectrolyte Layer for Improved Interfacial Polymerization on PAI Hollow Fiber MembranesMembranes, 13(8), Article 741. Restrepo, M. A., Mohammadifakhr, M., Kamp, J., Trzaskus, K., Kemperman, A. J. B., de Grooth, J., Roesink, H. D. W., Roth, H. & Wessling, M. of dominant salts on the removal of trace micropollutants by hollow fiber nanofiltration membranesJournal of membrane science, 678, Article 121625. Rutten, S. B., Junker, M. A., Leal, L. H., de Vos, W. M., Lammertink, R. G. H. & de Grooth, J. through polyelectrolyte multilayer based membranes for nanofiltration. University of Twente. Junker, M. A. of micropollutants by polyelectrolyte multilayer based hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes under fouled conditionsJournal of Water Process Engineering, 53, Article 103760. Rutten, S. B., Levering, V. L., Leal, L. H., Grooth, J. d. & Roesink, H. D. W. caused by adsorption of organic micropollutants (MPs) on PES@CoFe2O4 polymeric ultrafiltration membranes and the enhanced MPs degradation by a continuous pH regulationSeparation and purification technology, 316, Article 123663. Wang, T., Faria Albanese, J. A., de Vos, W. M. & de Grooth, J. of Concentration Polarization and Membrane Orientation on the Treatment of Naproxen by Sulfate Radical-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes within Nanofiltration Membranes with a Catalytic SupportIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 62(19), 7622-7634. Wang, T., de Grooth, J. & de Vos, W. M. characterization and modelling of Donnan dialysis for ammonium recovery from aqueous solutionsJournal of membrane science, 674, Article 121496. Zwijnenberg, H. J., Elozeiri, A. A. E., Grooth, J. d., Meer, W. G. J. v. d. & Wood, J. A. Oxidation Processes Coupled to Nanofiltration Membranes with Catalytic Fe0 Nanoparticles in Symmetric and Asymmetric Polyelectrolyte MultilayersMembranes, 13(4), Article 388. Wang, T., Bachs, E. S., de Grooth, J. & de Vos, W. M.



Universiteit Twente

Horst Complex (gebouwnr. 20), kamer ME313
De Horst 2
7522 LW Enschede

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