dr. J.M. Morales Guarin (Javier)

Universitair docent


Molendijk, M., Santos Dukon, T., Lemmen, C. H. J., Morales Guarin, J. M., Endo, V., Restrepo Rodriguez, S., ... Moreno Horta, I. A. (2018). Land and Peace in Colombia: FFP Methodology for Field Data Collection and Data Handling. Paper presented at Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2018, Washington D.C., United States.
García Álvarez, M. G., Morales Guarin, J. M., & Kraak, M. J. (2017). Exploiting spatiotemporal data for smart city applications : powerpoint. 1s-13s. Annual Symposium of the Netherlands Centre for Geodesy and Geo-Informatics (NCG) 2017, Delft, Netherlands.
Morales, J. A., Flacke, J., Zevenbergen, J. A., & Morales Guarin, J. M. (2016). Combining Space Syntax and Location Based Accessibility to Model Urban Land Values. In Book of abstracts of the 3rd Dortmunder Konferenz : Raummuster, Struktur, Dynamik, Planung, 22-23 February 2016, Dortmund, Germany (pp. 1-s12). Dortmun.
Garcia Alvarez, M. G., & Morales Guarin, J. M. (2015). GeoSmart Cities : event - driven geoprocessing as enabler of smart cities. In Proceedings of the first IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015), 24-28 October 2015, Guadalajara, Mexico (pp. 1-6). Guadalajara: IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/ISC2.2015.7366207

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