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Volkskrant Newspaper (Sep 2019): Verzwakte muur om kankercellen biedt chemo een kans. https://www.volkskrant.nl/cs-bf0bd786

Tubantia Newspaper,   “UT sets new steps in the treatment of pancreatic cancer”, 10 Nov 2017. https://www.tubantia.nl/regio/ut-zet-flinke-stappen-in-behandeling-alvleesklierkanker~a2caecdc/

U-Today, Science and Technology magazine  “Novel treatment to kill cancer by targeting stroma” Oct, 2017. https://www.utoday.nl/science/64599/unique-treatment-from-twente-effectively-kills-cancer

“KNCV Golden Master award 2017” to Marcel Heinrich (PhD student under my supervision), for his master project in my group on "Lipids against Cancer". https://www.c2w.nl/verenigingen-8751/lipide-tegen-kanker/item19184

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