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Analytical derivation of water clarity time-series from Sentinel-2 MSI imagery. De Liz Arcari, A., Retsios, V., Tavora, J., van der Wal, D. & Salama, M. S.Detecting turbid plumes from satellite remote sensing: state-of-art thresholds and the novel PLUMES algorithmFrontiers in Marine Science, 10, Article 1215327, 1-18. Tavora, J., Acunha Gonçalves, G., H. Fernandes, E., Salama, M. S. & van der Wal, D. for the derivation of water quality parameters using the high-spatial-resolution data from sensors on board Sentinel-2A, Sentinel-2B, Landsat-5, Landsat-7, Landsat-8, and Landsat-9 SatellitesJournal of Remote Sensing, 3, Article 0049, 1-18 (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Tavora, J., Jiang, B., Kiffney, T., Bourdin, G., Clifton Gray, P., Sander de Carvalho, L., Hesketh, G., M. Schild, K., Faria de Souza, L., C. Brady, D. & Boss, E. Wastewater Contamination Index: A methodology to assess the risk of wastewater contamination from satellite-derived water quality indicatorsFrontiers in Environmental Science, 11, Article 1130655. De Liz Arcari, A., Tavora, J., van der Wal, D. & Salama, S. the effects of extreme events on estuarine suspended particulate matter using satellite remote sensing (Scheldt Estuary):: Challenges and opportunitiesRemote sensing, 15(3), Article 670. Tavora, J., Salama, S., Penning de Vries, M., Mannaerts, C. M. & van der Wal, D. operational water quality monitoring with an analytical radiative transfer modelIn Anais do XX Simpósio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto. Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE). De Liz Arcari, A., Tavora, J., Retsios, V., van der Wal, D. & Salama, M. S.



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