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Modelling 21st century refugia and impact of climate change on Amazonia's largest primatesEcography, Article e06988, 1-13 (Accepted/In press). Cavalcante, T., Barnett, A. A., Van doninck, J. & Tuomisto, H.
Introducing a map of soil base cation concentration, an ecologically relevant GIS-layer for Amazonian forestsGeoderma Regional, 33, Article e00645. Zuquim, G., Van doninck, J., Chaves, P. P., Quesada, C. A., Ruokolainen, K. & Tuomisto, H.
Revealing floristic variation and map uncertainties for different plant groups in western AmazoniaJournal of vegetation science, 32(5), Article e13081. Zuquim, G., Tuomisto, H., Chaves, P. P., Emilio, T., Moulatlet, G. M., Ruokolainen, K., Van doninck, J. & Balslev, H. of a large hydroelectric dam on the Madeira River (Brazil) on floodplain avifaunaActa Amazonica, 51(4), 298-310. Melo, T. N. d., Cerqueira, M. C., D'Horta, F. M., Tuomisto, H., Van doninck, J. & Ribas, C. C. forestry inventories and satellite imagery to assess floristic variation in bamboo-dominated forests in Peruvian AmazoniaJournal of vegetation science, 32(1), Article e12938. Chaves, P. P., Reategui Echeverri, N., Ruokolainen, K., Kalliola, R., Van doninck, J., Gómez Rivero, E., Zuquim, G. & Tuomisto, H.
Assessing the effectiveness of a national protected area network for carnivore conservationNature communications, 11(1), Article 2957. Terraube, J., Van doninck, J., Helle, P. & Cabeza, M. flowering cycles of Amazonian bamboo-dominated forests by supervised Landsat time series segmentationInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 93, Article 102196. Van doninck, J., Westerholm, J., Ruokolainen, K., Tuomisto, H. & Kalliola, R. relative role of rivers, environmental heterogeneity and species traits in driving compositional changes in southeastern Amazonian bird assemblagesBiotropica, 52(5), 946-962. Maximiano, M. F. d. A., d'Horta, F. M., Tuomisto, H., Zuquim, G., Van doninck, J. & Ribas, C. C. floristic patterns of trees in Peruvian Amazonia using remote sensing and machine learningRemote sensing, 12(9), Article 1523. Chaves, P. P., Zuquim, G., Ruokolainen, K., Van doninck, J., Kalliola, R., Rivero, E. G. & Tuomisto, H.


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