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Knowledge bases and responsibility within regional innovation systems: reflections from the Twente regionEuropean planning studies, 27(12), 2491-2509. Benneworth, P., Schulze-Greiving, V. & Konrad, K. Assessment of Socio-Technical Futures: A Discussion PaperIn Socio-Technical Futures Shaping the Present: Empirical Examples and Analytical Challenges (pp. 285-308). Springer. Loesch, A., Boehle, K., Coenen, C., Dobroc, P., Heil, R., Grunwald, A., Scheer, D., Schneider, C., Ferrari, A., Hommrich, D., Sand, M., Aykut, S., Dickel, S., Fuchs, D., Kastenhofer, K., Torgersen, H., Gransche, B., Hausstein, A., Konrad, K., … Wentland, A. role of user-led regional innovation networks in shaping responsible innovation in eHealth: lessons from the East of the NetherlandsIn Responsible Innovation in Digital Health: Empowering the Patient (pp. 162-182). Edward Elgar. Konrad, K., Schulze Greiving, V. & Benneworth, P.


Lopende projecten

Socio-technical pathways and material choices for a responsible electrification of the production of chemicals and fuels

Releasing the power of users


DIRECT - Diffuse Irradiance Redirector for Efficient ConcenTration


Highly multiplexed photonics integrated circuit (PIC) sensors for the rapid diagnostics of sepsis

Voltooide projecten

Theatrical Technology Assessment

Theatrical Technology Assessment

gefinanceerd via NWO - NWA QuantumNanoRoute

TopFit Citizenlab

Digitalize or Die - Dynamic Drivers of Responsible Innovation in Health and Welfare Services

Safe and Societally Robust Innovative Materials and Products

Industrial Innovation in Transition (IIT) (EU-H2020)

Research and Innovation Futures

funded by EU FP7


Anticipating on technological developments and their embedding in society

Nanotechnologie in dienst van veiligheid en justitie

funded by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice

Towards a common research agenda on the socio-technical aspects of net-zero, sustainable data centers


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