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Green Panel performance testing: Analysis from one season of monitoring data and implications for urban scale applications. Vink, K. the flood risk perception of residents in informal settlements around the floodplains of river ravi in Lahore, PakistanInternational journal of disaster risk reduction, 103, Article 104334. Khawaja, S. Z., Gul, A. A., Tariq, M. A. U. R., Vink, K., Jafri, S. H. A. & Gujree, I.‘We knew a cyclone was imminent’: Hazard preparedness and disaster management efficiency nexus in coastal BangladeshInternational journal of disaster risk reduction, 102, Article 104240. Ahsan, M. N., Mohibbullah, M., Gain, A. K., Khatun, F., Rahman, M. A., Sultana, A., Haque, R., Rahman, M. M., Rahaman, K. R., Vink, K. & Shaw, R.
Development and evaluation of digital twins for district-level heating energy demand simulation.In Proceedings CLIMA2022 | 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress, 22-25 May 2022, Rotterdam: Eye on 2030: Towards digitalized, healthy, circular and energy efficient HVAC. TU Delft open. Rovers, T., Struck, C., Gieling, C., Mohammadi, S., Slagmolen, O., Dorée, A., Olde Scholtenhuis, L., Vink, K., Poppe, H., Koopman, D., ter Maat, H. & Boeve, B.
Challenges and Synergies for the Local Energy Transition in Local Case Studies in the Netherlands and HawaiʻiIn Conference Proceedings of the STS Conference Graz 2021: Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies, 3–5 May 2021. Graz University of Technology. Vink, K. & Kilolu, L.



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