prof.dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga (Mariëlle)


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Professor of Risk Management for High-tech systems

 How do we design our robots, nuclear plants, railway systems and heart monitors such that they are safe and reliable? How do we make sure that data centers and water supply systems are aways available?

I am developing quantitative risk assessments methods that ensure that the risks related to high tech systems lie within acceptable boundaries. I develop techniques to analyze, predict, improve reliability of complex systems, using fault trees, model-based testing, and architectural reliability modeling. 

Technically, distinguishing feature of my techniques is compositionality: I derive risk profiles from a complex systems from component risk profiles, using powerful techniques from model checking. This makes life easy, flexible and fast. 

 Further, I am the director of Life Long Learning at EEMCS. 

I also hold a 0.2 appointment as a full professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen.


Engineering & Materials Science
Binary Decision Diagrams
Fault Tree Analysis
Formal Methods
Model Checking
Statistical Models
Fault Tree
Fault Tree Analysis


  • Radboud University
    Ful professor (part-time)
  • Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences
    Advisory council Master Quality Management at Schouten & Nelissen
  • Raad voor Accreditatie
    Commissie Accreditaties: adviseren mbt het accreditateren van organisaties en bedrijven
    Supervisory board PLANETART
  • Nyenrode University
    Advisory council, Executive Insurance Program, Nyenrode


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