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Dr. Michelle Kip has received her PhD (cum laude) from the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, in April 2018. Her thesis was entitled: "Early Health Technology Assessment of Point-of-Care and Laboratory Diagnostics". Currently, she works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Health Technology & Services Research Department at the University of Twente. She is experienced in the field of (early) Health Technology Assessment, and her research focuses on methods to evaluate the health economic impact of medical technologies in several phases of development, using cost-effectiveness analysis and simulation modeling. Besides evaluating the health economic impact of medical technologies, she is also experienced in the field of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, which includes methods to evaluate stakeholders’ preferences with regard to (new) medical technologies, as well as in expert elicitation.

During her postdoc, Michelle will work on the UCAN CAN-DU project, which aims to develop a biomarker based predictive testing approach to optimize clinical management in juvenile idiopathic arthritis compared to current standard of practice. Within this project, she will be involved in quantifying the impact of (personalized treatment strategies for) juvenile idiopathic arthritis in terms of costs and health outcomes.


Medicine & Life Sciences
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Costs And Cost Analysis
Juvenile Arthritis
Point-Of-Care Systems
Quality-Adjusted Life Years
Social Sciences
Diagnostic Laboratory
Health Economics


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