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Marileen Kouijzer works as a PhD Candidate at the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology at the University of Twente. Her research interests are focused on participatory development, implementation and evaluation of eHealth technology. Her PhD project is focused on the implementation and evaluation of Virtual Reality to better identify and treat risk factors in forensic mental healthcare. VR has great potential to improve mental healthcare by shifting the focus from mostly ‘talking and thinking’ in a treatment room to ‘doing and experiencing’ in realistic contexts. During her PhD Marileen further explores this assumption by means of innovative research methods, to improve implementation in forensic practice and identify the added value of virtual reality for patients and therapists in forensic mental healthcare. 

Before starting to work as a PhD Candidate, Marileen started her journey at the University of Twente as a Psychology Bachelor student, following with a Master’s in Health Psychology and Technology and started working for a few years as a junior researcher and lecturer at the Department of Health, Psychology & Technology. In addition, she founded the company Vital Vision, in which she provides training, courses and coaching focused on vitality and mental health in the workplace. Vital Vision’s working method is based on insights from health- and positive psychology. Scientific insights are used and translated into practical workshops and tools that help students and employees create a good foundation to feel vital and resilient (


  • Nursing and Health Professions

    • Virtual Reality
    • Health Care Personnel
    • Patient
  • Psychology

    • Healthcare
    • Treatment
  • Computer Science

    • Implementation Process
    • Implementation Level
    • Related Factor


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