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  • academia.edueditor of the section Applied Biology
  • Hy2CareFounder of Hy2Care b.v.
  • Hy2Care b.v.member supervisory board of Hy2Care
  • Karperien Holding b.v.Management of Karperien Holding
  • LipoCoat b.v.member of scientific advisory committee of LipoCoat b.v.
  • Orthros MedicalFounder and non-executive CSO of Orthros Medical
  • Orthros Medical b.v.Founder and non executive CSO of Orthros Medical
  • Saxionguest lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences


Development of a Synovium-on-Chip Model with a Porous Membrane to Study Inflammatory Arthritis. Spoelstra, L. R., Araújo-Gomes, N., Zakharova - Kolezhuk, M., Welting, T. J. M., Karperien, M., Segerink, L. & Le Gac, S.The use of peptides, aptamers, and variable domains of heavy chain only antibodies in tissue engineering and regenerative medicineActa biomaterialia, 170, 1-14. Koerselman, M., Morshuis, L. C. M. & Karperien, M. imaging on-chip platforms for non-invasive high-content bioimagingBiosensors and Bioelectronics, 237, Article 115510. Araújo-Gomes, N., Zambito, G., Johnbosco, C., Calejo, I., Leijten, J., Löwik, C., Karperien, M., Mezzanotte, L. & Teixeira, L. M. stem cells reduce cartilage damage in a material dependent manner following minimally invasive intra-articular injection in an OA rat modelMaterials Today Bio, 22, Article 100791. Johnbosco, C., Karbaat, L., Korthagen, N. M., Warmink, K., Koerselman, M., Coeleveld, K., Becker, M., van Loo, B., Zoetebier, B., Both, S., Weinans, H., Karperien, M. & Leijten, J. Generation of Thin-Shelled Polyethylene Glycol-Tyramine Microgels for Non-Invasive Delivery of Immunoprotected β-CellsAdvanced healthcare materials, Article 2301552 (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Araújo-Gomes, N., Zoetebier-Liszka, B., van Loo, B., Becker, M., Nijhuis, S., Smink, A. M., de Haan, B. J., de Vos, P., Karperien, M. & Leijten, J.



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