prof.dr.ir. N.J.J. Verdonschot (Nico)

Professor Biomechanical Implants


Knee Replacement Arthroplasties
Bone And Bones
Biomechanical Phenomena


  • Exactech
    Consultancy to design a tibial component of a total knee replacment
  • Invibio Knees ltd
    Consultancy for design and testing of a PEEK knee
  • Politecnico di Milano
    geven van een cursus voor 1e jaars masterstudenten


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Marra, M. A., Strzelczak, M., van de Groes, S. A. W., Heesterbeek, P. J. C., Janssen, D. W., Koopman, H. F. J. M., ... Wymenga, A. B. (2017). The effect of flexion of the femoral component in TKA: A musculoskeletal simulation study. Abstract from European Knee Society Conference 2017, London, United Kingdom.

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