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Universitair hoofddocent bij de afdeling Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie. Mijn onderwijs en onderzoek richt zich met name op het meten en voorspellen van gezondheid en gezondheidsuitkomsten en de ontwikkeling en psychometrische analyse van meetinstrumenten.


  • Medicine and Dentistry

    • Patient
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Inpatient
    • Disease Activity
    • Therapeutic Procedure
  • Psychology

    • Wellbeing
    • Psychometrics
    • Mental Health



The Relationship between Nociceptive Detection Thresholds and Pressure-and Electrical Pain Thresholds: An Explorative Study in Rheumatoid Arthritis PatientsIn 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Sydney, Australia. IEEE. Jansen, N., Berfelo, T., Vonkeman, H. E., ten Klooster, P. M., van den Berg, B., Krabbenbos, I. P. & Buitenweg, J. R.–Retest Reliability of the Generalized Pain Questionnaire in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Preliminary Reference Values for Non-Clinical and Several Clinical SamplesJournal of pain research, 16, 4127-4137. Jansen, N., ten Klooster, P. M., Vonkeman, H. E. & Buitenweg, J. R. multicomponent positive psychology intervention for euthymic patients with bipolar disorder to improve mental well‐being and personal recovery: A pragmatic randomized controlled trialBipolar Disorders, 25(8), 683-695. Kraiss, J. T., Ten klooster, P. M., Chrispijn, M., Stevens, A., Doornbos, B., Kupka, R. W. & Bohlmeijer, E. T. at Fibromyalgia differently – the meaning and consequences of fibromyalgia as a dimensional disorderSeminars in arthritis and rheumatism, 63, Article 152262. Rasker, J. J., Wolfe, F., Michaud, K. & ten Klooster, P. M. assessed long-term wearing patterns and predictors of wearing orthopaedic footwear in people with diabetes at moderate-to-high risk of foot ulceration: a 12 months observational studyJournal of Foot and Ankle Research, 16(1), Article 60, 60. Exterkate, S. H., Jongebloed-Westra, M., ten Klooster, P. M., Koffijberg, H., Bode, C., van Gemert-Pijnen, J. E. W. C., van Baal, J. G. & van Netten, J. J. and validation of a Manic Thought InventoryBipolar Disorders, 25(7), 564-570. Hanssen, I., ten Klooster, P., Huijbers, M., Lochmann van Bennekom, M., Boere, E., El Filali, E., Geerling, B., Goossens, P., Kupka, R., Speckens, A. & Regeer, E. validation of the model of sustainable mental health: Structural model validity and the indirect role of adaptationJournal of clinical psychology, 79(11), 2650-2667. Kloos, N., Kraiss, J., Ten klooster, P. & Bohlmeijer, E. impact of health literacy: associations with disease activity and medication prescription in patients with rheumatoid arthritisRheumatology, 62(10), 3409-3415. Gorter, A., Bakker, M. M., Klooster, P. M. T., Boonen, A. & Vonkeman, H. E. effectiveness of motivational interviewing on adherence to wearing orthopedic shoes in people with diabetes at low-to-high risk of foot ulceration: A multicenter cluster-randomized controlled trialDiabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 204, Article 110903. Jongebloed-Westra, M., Exterkate, S. H., van Netten, J. J., Kappert, K. D. R., Koffijberg, H., Bode, C., van Gemert-Pijnen, J. E. W. C. & ten Klooster, P. M. non-improvement of symptoms in daily mental healthcare practice using routinely collected patient-level data: a machine learning approachFrontiers in Psychiatry, 14, Article 1236551. Franken, K., ten Klooster, P., Bohlmeijer, E., Westerhof, G. & Kraiss, J. evaluation of inflammatory and non-inflammatory aspects of pain in rheumatoid arthritis patientsRheumatology advances in practice, 7(3), Article rkad076. Jansen, N., ten Klooster, P. M., Vonkeman, H. E., van den Berg, B. & Buitenweg, J. R. mental health dynamics during eating disorder treatment: A psychometric network study with panel dataPsychotherapy Research (E-pub ahead of print/First online). de Vos, J. A., Radstaak, M., ten Klooster, P. M., Bohlmeijer, E. T. & Westerhof, G. J. of adverse drug reactions on the treatment pathways of early rheumatoid arthritis patients: a prospective observational cohort studyExpert opinion on drug safety, 22(8), 753-762. Velthuis, K., Poppelaars, F., Klooster, P. M. t., Vonkeman, H. E. & Jessurun, N. T. between- and within-person associations of psychological distress and mental well-being: An experience sampling study examining the dual continua model of mental health among university studentsCurrent Psychology, 42(20), 16789–16800. Kraiss, J. T., Kohlhoff, M. & ten Klooster, P. M.


Lopende projecten

Positive psychology self-help app for parents of children with a neurodevelopmental disorder

Clinical trial on the effectiveness of a positive psychology self-help app for parents of children with a neurodevelopmental disorder to improve their resilience and mental well-being.

PhD project Kim Tönis (2022-2027). Funded by Horizon Europe Framework Programme, project ID = 101057385.


Two-phased randomised controlled trial targeting non-response after PTSD treatment.

PhD project Dominique Jonkers (2022-2030). Funded by Dimence Group, Institute of Mental Health.

LISS PANEL - The Dutch Mental Health Continuum Short Form - Revised

Large scale data collection awarded to proposal for LISS panel call (2019).

Assessment of Generalized Pain Hypersensitivity in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study exploring the ability of various quantitative sensory testing methods and self-reported screeners for evaluating generalized pain hypersensitivity. In collaboration with Jan Buitenweg (Biomedical Signals and Systems).

Examining and treating prolonged grief in daily life

PhD project Deniz Ergun (2023-2027).

The cognitive stress response in daily life

PhD project Xiaochang Zhao (2023-2027).

Real-world cost-effectiveness modelling in inflammatory arthritis

PhD project Celine van de Laar (2018-2022).

Relationship between psychopathology and wellbeing in mental health care

PhD project Katinka Franken.

D*Phase Psychotherapy study

Pragmatic two-phased, randomised controlled (non-inferiority) trial that addresses treatment non-response and compares cognitive behavioural therapy and short-term psychodynamic supportive psychotherapy for major depression

PhD project Maartje Miggiels (2016-2023). Funded by Dimence Group, Institute of Mental Health).

Voltooide projecten

Effectiveness of a positive psychology intervention for well-being and personal recovery of people with bipolar disorder

PhD project Jannis Kraiss (2018-2021) Funded by ZonMw (project number 843001803).

Treat-to-target strategies in early rheumatoid arthritis patients in daily clinical practice

PhD project Laura Steunebrink (2014-2018).

Modeling disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients using item response theory

PhD project Liseth Siemons (2010-2014).

Development of a comprehensive pain assessment tool for patients with chronic pain

(2013-2017). Funded by Stichting ReumaOnderzoek Twente.

Long-term outcomes of treat-to-target strategies in rheumatoid arthritis

PhD project Letty Versteeg (2015-2022).

Evaluation of a physical function item bank and computerized adaptive test in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

PhD project Martijn Oude Voshaar (2010-2014). Funded by the Dutch Arthritis Association, project number 11-1-203).

Socio-economic impact of motivational interviewing on adherence to orthopaedic shoes

PhD project Manon Jongebloed-Westra (2018-2021). Funded by ZonMw (project number 853001101).


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