dr.ir. R.G.J. Damgrave (Roy)

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Product Development
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Product Design
Human Robot Interaction
Virtual Reality
Intellectual Property
Decision Making


Fechter, M., Damgrave, R. G. J., & Wartzack, S. (2015). Interactive immersive engineering system for distant collaboration. In C. Weber, S. Husung, M. Cantamessa, G. Cascini, D. Marjanovic, & S. Graziosi (Eds.), Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering Design 2015 (pp. 297-306). (Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design; Vol. 6, No. DS 80-06).
Vaneker, T. H. J., Damgrave, R. G. J., & Kuster, J. (2013). TRIZ as an enabler for intellectual property protection during product development. In A. Aoussat, D. Cavallucci, & M. Trella (Eds.), TRIZ future conference 2013: proceedings of the 13th ETRIA world TRIZ future conference 2013 (pp. -). Paris, France.
Damgrave, R. G. J., & Lutters, D. (2013). Distance collaboration support environment. In Abramovici, M., & Stark, R. (Eds.), CIRP Design Conference (pp. 653-662). Bochum, Germany: Springer Verlag.
Damgrave, R. G. J., Lutters, D., & van Houten, F. J. A. M. (2013). The Virtual Reality Lab as a Synthetic Environment: from strategic approach to practical implement. In M. Abramovici, & R. Stark (Eds.), CIRP Design Conference (pp. 787-796). Bochum, Germany: Springer Verlag.
Binczewski, A., Glowiak, M., Idzikowski, B., Strozyk, M., Skotarczai, E., Vos, M., ... Lyonnais, M. (2013). Long-distance Human-Robot Interaction with 3D UHDTV 60p video supported by VISIONAIR. In R. Torrenti, N. Tran, & H. Hrasnica (Eds.), Proceedings of NEM summit (pp. 15-18). Heidelberg, Germany: Eurescom GmbH.

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