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Family Firms


Recente Artikelen
Gast, J., Filser, M., Rigtering, C., Harms, R., Kraus, S., & Man-Ling, C. (2018). Configurations of socioemotional wealth that boost radical innovativeness in family firms: A fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis. Journal of small business management.
Jie, S., & Harms, R. (2017). Cross-Cultural Competences and International Entrepreneurial Intention: A Study on Entrepreneurship Education. Paper presented at 25th Annual High Technology Small Firms Conference 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Mat, H., Filser, M., Harms, R., Kraus, S., Man-Ling, C., & Cheng-Feng, C. (2017). Family firm configurations for high performance: The role of entrepreneurship and ambidexterity. British journal of management. DOI: 10.1111/1467-8551.12263
Koller, M., Floh, A., Gartner, J., Fink, M., & Harms, R. (2017). A longitudinal test of the effects of celebrity endorser credibility on brand image and purchase intention. Paper presented at 30th Global Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship 2017, San Fransisco, United States.
Filser, M., Mat, H., Kraus, S., Harms, R., & C.F., C. (2017). Entrepreneurial orientation, exploration, exploitation and family influence: A fsqca analysis of family firm performance. Paper presented at 6th Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Research Exchange Conference 2017, Melbourne, Australia.
Simon, F., Schiele, H., & Harms, R. (2017). NTBFs and corporate partners: Which factors influence the willingness of NTBF to collaborate with corporates?. Paper presented at 26th Annual IPSERA Conference 2017, Budapest/Balatonfured, Hungary.
Walsh, S. T., Marinakis, Y., & Harms, R. (2017). Sensors and Sensors Systems Technology Diffusion. Paper presented at PICMET 2017 Conference, Portland, United States.

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