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Lemmens, R. L. G., Falquet, G., & Métral, C. (2016). Towards Linked Data and ontology development for the semantic enrichment of volunteered geo-information. In Proceedings of: Link-VGI: LINKing and analyzing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) across different platforms, workshop at the AGILE 2016 Conference
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Lemmens, R. L. G., Falquet, G., de Sabbata, S., Bin Jiang, & Bucher, B. (2016). Querying VGI by semantic enrichment. In C. Capineri, & . [et al] (Eds.), European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information (pp. 185-194). London: Ubiquity Press.
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Universiteit Twente
Faculteit Geo-Informatie Wetenschappen en Aardobservatie
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