dr.ir. S. Hoekstra (Sipke)

Universitair docent


Systems Engineering
Optical Cables


Unglert, J., Hoekstra, S., & Jauregui Becker, J. M. (2017). Evaluating a computational support tool for set-based configuration of production systems: Results from an industrial case. In 12th System of Systems Engineering Conference, SoSE 2017 [7994939] Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. DOI: 10.1109/SYSOSE.2017.7994939
Unglert, J. M., Hoekstra, S., & Jauregui Becker, J. M. (2016). Supporting the design of reconfigurable cellular manufacturing systems by computational design synthesis. In D. Marjanovic, M. Storga, N. Pavkovic, N. Bojcetic, & S. Skec (Eds.), DS 84: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2016 14th International Design Conference (pp. 1417-1426). Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Design Society.
Unglert, J., Hoekstra, S., Jauregui Becker, J. M., & van Houten, F. J. A. M. (2015). Towards decision-support for reconfigurable manufacturing systems based on Computational Design Synthesis. In R. Teti (Ed.), Proceedings of the CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems 2015 (pp. -). Naples, Italy: University of Naples Federico II.
Weidenaar, T., Becker, J., Hoekstra, S., & Wolters, M. (2014). Design Support Tool for Biomethane Supply Chains and Gas Distribution Grids. In International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC 2014): Gas Innovations Inspiring Clean Energy, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17–19 September 2014 (pp. 2534-2543). Red Hook, NY: Curran Associates Inc.
Mulder, W., Basten, R. J. I., Jauregui Becker, J. M., Blok, J., Hoekstra, S., & Kokkeler, F. (2014). Supporting industrial equipment development through a set of design-for-maintenance guidelines. In D. Marjanovic, M. Storga, N. Pavkovic, & N. Bojcetic (Eds.), DS 77: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2014 13th International Design Conference (pp. 323-332). Dubrovnik.
Parada Puig, J. E., Hoekstra, S., & van Dongen, L. A. M. (2013). An empirical study of commonality in rolling stock maintenance operations. In C. P. Fynes, B. (Ed.), Operations Management at the heart of the recovery (pp. 86-86). Dublin, Ireland: UCD and TCD Schools of Business.
Weidenaar, T., Bekkering, E., Jauregui Becker, J. M., Hoekstra, S., & Wolters, M. (2013). Finding robust investments for the Dutch gas distribution infrastructure in 2050 by a scenario study. In Proceedings 26th international conference on efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems (pp. -). Guilin, China.

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