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  • WRR (wetenschappelijke raad voor het regeringsbeleid, scientific council for governmental policy)Council member
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  • RWSENW (expert network on flood saferty) kernel member and chair river group
  • raad civiele techniek Civil Engineering Council (raad civiele techniek)
  • technical university of viennamember Advisory Board Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems


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Lopende projecten

2020-2024 Efficient modelling of ecomorphodynamcis in estuaries to evaluate salt-intrusion solutions

Siemes (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Duong, Borsje

2021-2025 Salt accumulation at floodgates and salt-water intrusion in rivers

Ebrahimierami (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Vermeulen (Co-promoter), Kitsikoudis

Sand transport in the swash zone

2018-2022 Dionisio Antonio (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), van der Werf, Vermeulen

2018-2022 Numerical modelling of cross-shore sand transport in the swash zone

Kranenborg (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Reniers, van der Werf, Campmans

2017-2021 Experimental study on wave-overtopping erosion for flood defence reliability

Chen (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Warmink, van Gent

2017-2021 Large-scale uncertainty in river water levels for flood defence reliability

Gensen (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Warmink

2017-2021 Modelling of wave overtopping erosion for flood defence reliability

Van Bergeijk (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Warmink

2017-2021 WADSnext! Morphodynamic modelling tools for the sustainable management of barrier coasts

Reef (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Roos, Schuttelaars

2016-2020 Towards sustainable nourishment strategies; How environmental processes determine benthic species distribution in the shore face and ebb tidal delta

Holzhauer (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Borsje

2015-2019 Floodplain rehabilitation: Linking processes to landscape patterns

Harezlak (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Augustijn

2019-2023 Idealized modeling of estuarine sand dunes

Van der Sande (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Roos

2018-2022 Airflow and sediment transport patterns across urbanized beaches

Pourteimouri (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Wijnberg, Campmans

2020-2024 River dune dynamics under high and low flows

Lokin (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Warmink, Bomers

2021-2025 Mapping and modelling ecosystem engineering activities and their response to salt intrusion in estuaries

Emmanuel (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Van der Wal (Co-promoter), Borsje

Voltooide projecten

2013-2017 Aeolian and hydrodynamic sand exchange across beaches [PhD thesis]

Duarte Campos (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Wijnberg

2012-2016 Safety assessment of multifunctional flood defences [PhD thesis]

Aguilar López (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Warmink , Schielen

2012-2016 Sand Transport under Breaking Waves

Van der Zanden (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Ribberink

2011-2015 Sand Extraction and coastal safety (SEACOS)

Chen Wenlong (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor)

2010-2014 River bed form evolution modelling for flood management purposes; River dune evolution and the transition to plane beds

van Duin (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Dohmen, Ribberink, Sterlini, Paarlberg


Hommes (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Bressers, Otter, Krol

2004-2009 A semi-analytical modelfor form dragof river bedforms

van der Mark (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Hoeijmakers, Blom, Ribberink

2004 - 2009 Coastal zone management of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Meilianda (PhD), Dohmen-Janssen, Hulscher (Promotor)

2003 - 2007 Dynamic roughness in rivers during floods

Paarlberg (PhD), Dohmen-Janssen, Hulscher (Promotor)

2003 - 2007 Modelling vegetation roughness for river basin management

Huthoff (PhD), Augustijn, Hulscher (Promotor)

2003 - 2007 Geographical information system of the North sea

van der Veen, Knaapen, Buijsrogge, Hulscher

2002 - 2005 European marine sand and gravel resources: evaluation and environmental impact of extraction

Idier, Knaapen, Hulscher

2001 - 2005 Appropriate modelling for river basin management

Huang, de Kok, Hulscher

2001 - 2005 Methodology for validation of integrated systems models

Giang (PhD), de Kok, Hulscher (Promotor)

2001 - 2005 Sediment transport processes in the ripple regime on the shoreface

van der Werf, Ribberink, Hulscher

2000 - 2005 Flood waves in the Dutch Meuse River [PhD thesis]

Gerretsen (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor)

2000 - 2004 Decision support systems for river basin management

Xu, Booij, Hulscher

2000 - 2004 Offshore sand extraction – morphodynamic effects in relation to seabed patterns [PhD thesis]

Roos (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), de Vriend

2015-2019 Floods of the past – Design for the future

Bomers (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Schielen

2010-2014 River bed form evolution modelling for flood management purposes; On the influence of suspended sediment transport on dune evolution

Naqshband (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Dohmen, Ribberink, Sterlini, Paarlberg

2010-2014 Turbidity Dynamics in Lake Naivasha Ecosystem

Ndungu (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor)

2009-2013 Short term biophysical interactions in coastal mangroves

Horstman (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Dohmen, Bouma, Herman, Webb, Friess, Galli, Balke

2008-2012 Process based modelling of sediment transport under waves in the sheet-flow regime

Kranenburg (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Ribberink, Uittenbogaard

2008-2012 Applying Dutch water expertise abroad; how to contribute effectively in the Romanian context

Vinke (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Augustijn, Bressers

2007-2012 Uncovering inherent dynamics in coupled bio-geomorphodynamic systems offshore

Borsje (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Herman

2005-2010 Congruent scales in economics, coastal engineering and coastal morphology

van der Burgh (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Wijnberg

2015-2019 Improving river management by estimating model uncertainty

Berends (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Warmink

2014-2018 The dynamics of side channels as rehabilitation measure: linking theory and practice

Denderen(PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Schielen

2014-2018 Beach-dune systems near inlets: linking subtidal and subaerial morphodynamics

Galiforni Silva (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Wijnberg

2014-2018 Modeling the effect of storm events and wind waves on sand wave dynamics

Campmans (PhD), Hulscher (Promotor), Roos

2015-2019 Smart and sustainable design for offshore operations in a sandy seabed

Damveld (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Roos, Borsje

2015-2019 Uncertainty in long-term bio-geomorphological dynamics for vegetated foreshores

Willemsen (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Borsje

2015-2019 Optimizing operational water management with sentinel-1 satellites

Pezij (PhD), Hulscher (Promoter), Augustijn, Hendriks


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