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As part of the cross-cutting TPS Rurban Futures Collective my research interests are focused on...

  • Commons/commoning as institutional rurban forms
  • Integrated policy and governance structures that cross rurban space, resource flows, economic interaction
  • Sustainable regional economy, bioregionalism in practice and policy
  • Diverse economy and lifestyles of sustainable rurban practices
  • Visions of rurban futures


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Projects I am a part of:

  • Rurban Ateliers: Co-imagining alternative futures, socio-spatial relationships, and policy actions for just sustainability transformations; co-lead with Corelia Baibarac-Duignan (BMS Starter grant) (2024-2030)
  • COMBINED: Combatting biodiversity loss and improving climate change resilience through evidence-based, integrated, and adaptive landscape governance in the Netherlands; sub-WP lead (NWA Climate and Nature) (2024-2030)

I am currently part of two research projects funded through the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences- KAKEN system.

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Sustainable food systems for a post-growth world (link)


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