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  • Physics

    • Temperature
    • Cooling
    • Heat
    • Gaseous State
    • Ice
    • Liquid Nitrogen
    • Performance
  • Engineering

    • Microcooler



A nitrogen Leidenfrost droplet on a water pool: Experiments, theory and simulations of droplet shrinkage and ice formationInternational journal of heat and mass transfer, 217, Article 124658. Schremb, M., Kalter, M. & Vanapalli, S. of a lab-device for evaporation-free supply of pure liquid nitrogen for droplet- and jet-generationScientific reports, 13(1), Article 6421. Schremb, M., Kalter, M. & Vanapalli, S. protocol for accurately calibrating thermocouples at cryogenic temperaturesIn CEC-ICMC-2023 - Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference (Accepted/In press). Purandare, A. & Vanapalli, S.Experimental and theoretical investigation of the dry ice sublimation temperature for varying far-field pressure and CO2 concentrationInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 148, Article 107042. Purandare, A., Vanapalli, S. & Verbruggen, W. and experiments of dry ice sublimation in an insulation boxIn Proceedings of the 26th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration: Paris , France, August 21-25, 2023. (pp. 302-308). Purandare, A. S. & Vanapalli, S. of a dry ice sphere in a controlled ambient: : Visualization of density gradients at the phase-changing interface. Purandare, A., Wennemars, G. & Vanapalli, S.Sublimation of a dry ice sphere in a controlled ambient. Purandare, A. S., Wennemars, G. & Vanapalli, S.



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