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Tim G. Schweisfurth is an Associate Professor in High-Tech Business at the University of Twente. Before joining UT, he was an Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Southern Denmark. He received his venia legendi from TUM and his Phd from TUHH. His research focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, specifically 1) digital and technology-driven innovation and entrepreneurship, 2) (venture) idea generation and evaluation, and 3) distributed and collaborative innovation. He is Associate Editor at Creativity and Innovation Management and Advisory Editor at Research Policy. In research and consulting he has worked with companies such as Siemens, Osram, Audi, EWE, Mammut, Panasonic, and others. His research has been published in Research Policy, R&D Management, Creativity and Innovation Management, and other outlets.He coordinates the double degree MSc program in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability jointly offered by the Technische Universität Berlin and the University of Twente.


Hofman, E. , Siebelink, R. , Schweisfurth, T. G. , & de Visser, M. (2022). Impacts of Cognitive Traits on Performance in the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation: Idea Generation and Selection. Paper presented at 29th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, IPDMC 2022, Hamburg, Germany.
Schweisfurth, T., Stockstrom, C., & Raasch, C. (2020). Individuals' knowledge and their explorative and exploitative behaviors. In R. Tiwari, & S. Buse (Eds.), Managing Innovation in a Global and Digital World (pp. 183-203). Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-27241-8_13
Schweisfurth, T., Raasch, C., & Greul, A. (2019). The role of ownership in serial idea submissions. Abstract from 20th International CINet Conference 2019, Odense, Denmark.
Schweisfurth, T., Raasch, C., & Herstatt, C. (2019). A typology of user innovation: 20th International CINet Conference. Continuous Innovation Network.
Zaggl, M. , Schweisfurth, T., Schoettl, C., & Raasch, C. (2018). Hierarchical Distance and Idea Evaluation in Enterprise Crowdfunding. In ICIS 2018 proceedings

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Vakken in het huidig collegejaar worden toegevoegd op het moment dat zij definitief zijn in het Osiris systeem. Daarom kan het zijn dat de lijst nog niet compleet is voor het gehele collegejaar.

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