dr.ing. T.H.M. Rientjes (Tom)

Universitair hoofddocent


Earth & Environmental Sciences
Land Cover
River Basin
Water Budget


Gumindoga, W. , Rientjes, T. , Haile, A. T., Reggiani, P., & Makurira, H. (2021). Propagation of CMORPH rainfall errors to REW streamflow simulation mismatch in the upper Zambezi Basin. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 38, 1-14. [100966]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejrh.2021.100966
Bekele, W. T., Tamiru Haile, A. , & Rientjes, T. (2021). Impact of climate change on the streamflow of the Arjo-Didessa catchment under RCP scenarios. Journal of Water and Climate Change, 12(6), 2325-2337. https://doi.org/10.2166/wcc.2021.307
Goshime, D. W., Tamiru Haile, A. , Rientjes, T., Absi, R., Led├ęsert, B., & Siegfried, T. (2021). Implications of water abstraction on the interconnected Central Rift Valley Lakes sub-basin of Ethiopia using WEAP. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 38, 1-20. [100969]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejrh.2021.100969
Gumindoga, W. , & Rientjes, T. H. M. (2020). A decade of water resources research in the data and water limited environments of Zambezi basin. s1-s25. 21st WaterNet/ WARFSA/ GWPSA Symposium 2020
, Online Conference, South Africa.
Goshime, D. W., Absi, R. , Haile, A. T., Led├ęsert, B. , & Rientjes, T. (2020). Bias-corrected CHIRP satellite rainfall for water level simulation, Lake Ziway, Ethiopia. Journal of hydrologic engineering, 25(9), 1-16. [05020024]. https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0001965
Asfaw, W., Haile, A. T. , & Rientjes, T. (2020). Combining multisource satellite data to estimate storage variation of a lake in the Rift Valley Basin, Ethiopia. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 89, 1-13. [102095]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jag.2020.102095
Gumindoga, W. , Rientjes, T. H. M., Reggiani, P., Makurira H, A. T., & A, H. (2020). Hydrologic evaluation of bias corrected CMORPH rainfall estimates at the headwater catchment of the Zambezi River. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, incorporating Parts A, B and C, 115, [102809]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pce.2019.11.004

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Vakken Collegejaar  2021/2022

Vakken in het huidig collegejaar worden toegevoegd op het moment dat zij definitief zijn in het Osiris systeem. Daarom kan het zijn dat de lijst nog niet compleet is voor het gehele collegejaar.

Vakken Collegejaar  2020/2021



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Universiteit Twente
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