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Very Accurate Reference Circuits in CMOS

Modern mixed-signal chips use a variety of circuits and components to implement all kinds of references, for example frequency-, voltage- or current references. These references are mandatory to sustain the functionality of integrated circuits, like analog-to-digital conversion or transmitting data, over process, voltage, temperature and lifetime variations. The ever-increasing trend to more integration, poses a diversity of problems for these kind of references, for example in terms of absolute accuracy, power consumption and production cost. My work focusses on techniques to model and improve the stability and accuracy of on-chip references and their components.        


Low TCL, High-Q Inductors in Standard CMOSIEEE Microwave and Wireless Technology Letters, 34(2), 179-182. Hoen, T. J., Jin, Y., Annema, A. J., Wils, N., Verlinden, J. & Nauta, B.



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