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As an Industrial Design Engineer with an interest in (scientific & technical) writing and visual communication, I teach subjects related to communication in product development. I am lecturer and coordinator of the pre-master course ‘Academic Research Skills’ (for CEM, CME, ME, SET, CS, EE, S&C, IDE, I-tech), and I teach ‘Instruction Design’ to IDE BSc. students. Next to this I coordinate IDE module 4 ‘Smart Products’ and I have a role in coordinating the HTHT Minor Modules ‘From Idea 2 Prototype’ & ‘From Prototype 2 Society’. During the academic year I am involved as a tutor in many different IDE projects (‘Kick-start’, ‘Ideation’, ‘Human Product Relations’, ‘Consumer Products’) as well as the before mentioned minor modules and I am a supervisor for IDE BSc. and MSc. assignments.

My research interest is in the field of footwear development. New insights on the negative influence of most conventional footwear on human (foot) health create the urge to reconsider footwear design and manufacturing. In this respect I investigate how footwear developers can be supported in developing footwear that better matches the natural functions of the human feet and body. With my research I ultimately hope to reduce the occurrence of footwear induced ailments.


Social Sciences
Educational Program
Industrial Designs
Engineering & Materials Science
Life Cycle
Product Development

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Universiteit Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
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