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Impact of silica on tire tread: Examining the effect of different silica types, which have become increasingly used in tire production, on the resulting tread rubberTire technology international, Annual Review 2023, 40-45. UKIP Media & Events. Andrzejewska, Z., Kaewsakul, W., Zeeman, R., Reuvekamp, L. A. E. M. & Blume, A. the Role of Silica Hybrid Particles with Styrene-butadiene Rubber Shells on Tread Compound. Sek, M. M., Kaewsakul, W., Anyszka, R. P., Schultz, S., Bandzierz, K. & Blume, A.Influence of prolonged silanization time during mixing of silica-reinforced natural rubberIn 13th International Polymer Conference of Thailand, PCT 2023 (pp. 122-128). The Polymer Society of Thailand (PST). Kraibut, A., Kaewsakul, W., Sahakaro, K., Saiwari, S., Noordermeer, J. W. M. & Dierkes, W. K.http://www.thaipolymersociety.orgpct-13/pct-13%20home.htmlEnabling interfacial adhesion between conductive rubber and piezoelectric polymer for energy harvesting applications. Mangone, C., Kaewsakul, W., Bandzierz, K. & Blume, A.Use of Resins for improving the performance of aircraft tire retreads. Indriasari, Kaewsakul, W., Noordermeer, J. W. M., Dierkes, W. K. & Blume, A.Can ‘organoclay’ enhance abrasion resistance of silica-reinforced NR tread compounds?. Sattayanurak, S., Sahakaro, K., Noordermeer, J. W. M., Kaewsakul, W., Dierkes, W. K., Reuvekamp, L. A. E. M. & Blume, A.Dynamic measurement setups for validating piezoelectric energy harvesters in driving conditionsPolymer testing, 119, Article 107932. Mangone, C., Kaewsakul, W., van Swaaij, A. P. J., Bandzierz, K., Gunnewiek, M. K. & Blume, A. Response and Molecular Chain Modifications Associated with Degradation during Mixing of Silica-Reinforced Natural Rubber CompoundsPolymers, 15(1), Article 160. Kraibut, A., Saiwari, S., Kaewsakul, W., Noordermeer, J. W. M., Sahakaro, K. & Dierkes, W. K.



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