dr.ir. W. Tijhuis (Wilco)

Universitair docent


Construction Industry
Environmental Design


Smyth, H., Fellows, R., Liu, A., & Tijhuis, W. (2016). Editorial for the Special Issue on Business Development and Marketing in Construction. Construction management and economics, 34(4-5), 205-217.
Tijhuis, W. (2015). Managing public-private partnerships: dealing with business-culture influences. Built environment project and asset management, 5(1), 22-34. DOI: 10.1108/BEPAM-06-2013-0018
Hua, Y. Y., Liu, A. M. M., & Tijhuis, W. (2015). Towards co-creation of value in construction. In C. Egbu, & M. A. Farshchi (Eds.), Going North for sustainability: leveraging knowledge and innovation for sustainable construction and development, 23 - 25 November, London, United Kingdom (pp. 173-183). London, UK: IBEA Publication Ltd.
Tijhuis, W. (2013). Informality in formal construction processes: a trojan horse? In A. M. M. Liu, S. Rowlinson, T. S. T. Ng, W. W. S. Lu, & I. Y. S. Chan (Eds.), HKU-HKHA International conference 2013 - construction and housing in the 21th century, 2-3 May 2013, Hong Kong, China (pp. -). Hong Kong, China: the Universit of Hong Kong, faculty of Architecture.
Tijhuis, W. (2013). Improving construction industry's contributions to society: a view on culture's role. In S. prof. Kajewski (Ed.), CIB world building congress, 5-9 May 2013, Brisbane, Australia (pp. -). Brisbane, Australia: Queensland university of technology, Sustainable built environment national research centre.

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